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We have completed hundreds of roofline installations throughout Cheshire . 

Roofline work isn't as regulated as windows so take care choosing who you trust to do a proper job.

 we hire scaffolding and take care not to damage any tiles or roofs. 

We can replace your rotten wooden fascias with new 16mm pvc

 We want your roofline to last for years, to be weather proof and maintenace free.

Thats why we only use quality products from homeline and Freefoam  range of pvc with a 10 year warranty .

Perfect replacement for wood

no maintenance , just wipe clean 

We are highly experienced at roofline replacement and would always advise to replace, however if you are on a tighter budget and the current wooden roofline is free from rot, it can be capped over with 9mm cover  fascia.

When getting quotes its vital to ask if you are being quoted to cover or replace!

Never paint again-Just the occasional wipe down with soapy water .

Under the first row of tiles we introduce   eaves membrane to replace rotting felt.

Air circulation in your roof space is vital to stop condensation & mould forming on your timbers.

Hidden ventilation added under the tile line helps the airflow and combats this problem.

Where the tiles are shaped to allow birds into your roof space , we fit a bird guard as standard to eliminate this problem . 

New gutters and downspouts are always advised when changing fascia boards.

Please open the brochures below to see the range of options and colours for your. new roofline products.

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